Another Jew Mechanic

The Porsche needed an oil change. I drove the few miles to Aaron’s Autowerks and was greeted by his sister, Lee, and a bag of Rugula. “Have a cookie.” Continue reading


6 reasons your first page works

The statistic that less than 5% of those works presented to agents and editors are accepted has long been a mystery to me. Yesterday, I participated in a workshop, “First Page.” I now understand why so many manuscripts are rejected and why they are rejected so quickly. Continue reading

Jew Mechanic

Testing a new title for this manuscript. Below is the summary. Do comment on the possible new title. Alternatives welcome.

Working title: Benjamin Bernstein, American,  A man who does all the right things the wrong way.

An historical fiction novel that spans from 1915 to 1942 and reflects the emergence of the American Dream by way of an Eastern European Jew and his triumphs in spite of anti-Semitism. Continue reading

Where in the world is my protagonist?

It’s eight o’clock in the morning. Do you know where your characters are?

Recently, a fellow author mentioned he was stuck on moving his scene forward. I suggested he write the scene from the point of view of the chair. Or in his case, the avenging ape. Sometimes, changing orientation, just for fun, provokes new threads that wind back to the work at hand. Continue reading

Benjamin Bernstein, American – a novel in process

Which of course is called a manuscript. Working hard to get motivated again. I signed up for a writer’s conference in anticipation of meeting kindred spirits. The Historical Novel Society meets in San Diego and as if I had wished for it, there is even a session on Jewish Historical Fiction. I already met a new prospective kindred spirit, an author focused on a story of the American Jewish experience. Continue reading