Benjamin Bernstein, American – a novel in process

Which of course is called a manuscript. Working hard to get motivated again. I signed up for a writer’s conference in anticipation of meeting kindred spirits. The Historical Novel Society meets in San Diego and as if I had wished for it, there is even a session on Jewish Historical Fiction. I already met a new prospective kindred spirit, an author focused on a story of the American Jewish experience.

Pamela Winnick’s tale is of Jews and the American Revolution, how remarkable a concept. Jews have been witness to and even instigators of much of American History. Perhaps Pamela and I can start a trend of paying attention to that influence.

Benjamin Bernstein is real.  Though his story, of necessity, is mostly imagined; based on bits and pieces of his known history.

And now to clear the decks to get serious about the work enough to bring a pitch to the conference. There promises to be Blue Pencil sessions and opportunity to chat with agents. Have to craft the best possible message. Writing a pitch is a special talent all in itself. Fortunately, there are mentors and examples on whom I can call.


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