Where in the world is my protagonist?

It’s eight o’clock in the morning. Do you know where your characters are?

Recently, a fellow author mentioned he was stuck on moving his scene forward. I suggested he write the scene from the point of view of the chair. Or in his case, the avenging ape. Sometimes, changing orientation, just for fun, provokes new threads that wind back to the work at hand.

I awoke this morning with vague thoughts of a new scene for Benjamin Bernstein, American. The ideas were not appropriate for my current time frame, but working backwards, I arrived at something that presages what I imagine. That second book will contain the part I imagined today, but working backward gave me the insight to where he is this morning.

The boarding house where he lives in 1919 is filled with impoverished and recently immigrated Eastern European Jews. Each has a story. When I focus on one of their stories, it enlivens Ben’s. When he interacts with them both his and their story arc change. It’s fun to follow where his fellow boarders will lead Ben. I fearlessly put him in their hands.

If you are an author or a photographer who enjoys interacting with colleagues and you make it a habit to participate, please join my Facebook Salon. Rita Ashley.


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