Another Jew Mechanic

The Porsche needed an oil change. I drove the few miles to Aaron’s Autowerks and was greeted by his sister, Lee, and a bag of Rugula. “Have a cookie.” Continue reading


6 reasons your first page works

The statistic that less than 5% of those works presented to agents and editors are accepted has long been a mystery to me. Yesterday, I participated in a workshop, “First Page.” I now understand why so many manuscripts are rejected and why they are rejected so quickly. Continue reading

Benjamin Bernstein, American – a novel in process

Which of course is called a manuscript. Working hard to get motivated again. I signed up for a writer’s conference in anticipation of meeting kindred spirits. The Historical Novel Society¬†meets in San Diego and as if I had wished for it, there is even a session on Jewish Historical Fiction. I already met a new prospective kindred spirit, an author focused on a story of the American Jewish experience. Continue reading